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We are your local home service company that provides Sheetrock Repair services. We are a locally owned and operated business that helps the local residences to get perfect Sheetrocks for their houses.

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Sheetrock Repair

No matter how small or big the repair job is, we can do it. We are experts at patching up small holes or big damaged portions without an issue. With perfect patch work done, we will match the texture of the wall to the rest of sheetrock. Your sheetrock will look perfect when we do the work on it. 

Texture Matching

Texture matching is one of the most important parts of patching the sheetrock. No matter the kind of texture your drywall has, our skilled workers can expertly match it’s texture. With our texture matching there will be no bumps, shadows, lines or color difference between the patched surface and the drywall of your house. 

Sheetrock Plaster Repair

If your sheetrock has uneven surface, the paint is old, or the wallpaper is peeling off, there are bumps, discolored portions on it, it is best to get it repaired as soon as possible. With our reasonably priced services you don’t have to put a hole on your pockets to repair your sheetrock. 

The drywall or the sheetrock make up a large portion of their house and it gives your house a complete look. When you change the color of the Sheetrock it can completely transform the aesthetic appeal of your house. If the Sheetrock of your house is damaged, has holes, peeling off, is loose or has any other kind of issues with it, we can repair it for you. We have the experience and the expertise to repair and renovate the drywall of your house.  

With over 20 years of experience Thompson Home Service is repairing drywall, plasters, ceilings, painting houses and restoring houses. We are industries’ best home  service specialists working with trained and certified workers. We have helped customers restore their sheetrock to its original beauty no matter how damaged or old it was. We are the company people call when they need reliable sheetrock repair at affordable prices. 


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If you want quick and effective sheetrock repair without the hassle to clean up afterwards, let us know. We are dedicated to making the repair process as smooth as possible. We will come on time, do the work with professionalism, patch your sheetrock like a pro and clean up the mess of renovation afterwards. Once we are done you will not even know there was any adamge on the drywall. We are committed to providing the best quality service to our customers no matter what. As one of the most sought after home service companies. 


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