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Thompson Home Services is dedicated to complete handyman services for your homes. We have plumbers who are trained and experienced to handle all kinds of plumbing situations.

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Drainage Repair

We repair all kinds of drainage issues. If your drains are leaking or blocked, we can fix it. Leaking drains can lead to water damage to your property. Blacked drainage pipes can be the cause of bad odor and slow draining sinks. If your bathe=tub or sink are draining slowly it’s not a good experience. Usually a slow draining sink means there is something stuck in the pipes. We have equipment to inspect your drainage lines and remove whatever is blocking it’s way. If there are parts of the drainage system that are cracked or damaged, and have too much gunk build-up we can replace or repair those parts. With our plumbing service your drainage system will work smoothly again. 

Sewage Repair

We provide sewage repair services. If the sewage line is broken, leaking, or your toilet is overflowing, it is time to call us. Sewage line issues can be dangerous to your property. Sewage water is smelly and not good for health if it mixes with regular water line, vegetarian or leaks anywhere in your home. We have repaired sewages for thousands of people and know all the possible issues it may have. 

Hot Water Plumbing Repair

If you need plumbing repair for your hot water system, we have the people for you. We fix hot water issues which include dripping of water boiler, noisy boiler, not enough hot water, discolored water, inconsistent water pressure, etc. If the water heating in your property is not working it may disrupt your daily living. We have the trained professionals who can fix all kinds of hot water plumbing issues in a single day. We can also replace the whole hot water system if the existing one is old and damaged. 

Water main Line Repair

If the water line is busy and you need immediate help, let us know. We also fix leaks, and blocks in your water line. We have the license and the experience to access your water line in your property and inspect it. We can repair any crack or leak with effective methods. If the water line is not giving clear water there may be extensive mineral deposits in the pipelines. In that case, we can clean the inside with appropriate tools to make the water line work again.  

Gas Plumbing Services

Our plumbing sector has the benefit of not being limited to the construction, repair, and maintenance of water-related supply lines and pipes. They also protect other work, such as gas safe services. Gas leaks can be inspected, found, and fixed by us. Call our gas plumber, who is qualified and licenced to deal with gas. We provide skilled gas line installation, servicing, repair, inspection, and testing.

Plumbing Repair

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Our company has some of the best plumbers who are licensed and certified. The plumbing line of your house is what helps you have a chaos free life. If you are facing leakages, poor water supply issues, hot water issues or other plumbing problems you can trust us to give you quality plumbing repair at affordable prices.


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