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Outdoor patios can completely transform the look of your landscape. Beautiful looking patios are definitely a way to increase your property value.

Looking for a quality and affordable builder for your next project?

Get The Best Patio Ever

If you have no idea what kind of patios will suit you, you have our landscape designers. Talk to our experts to get ideas of what to do with your patio to make your landscape look flawless. Our durable patios are loved by customers. They want something that not only lasts a long time but increases their property value as well. With our patios you get the best patios ever.  Set an appointment with our experts to get a free estimate of the services.  We are experts at installing all kinds of patios. Let us know when you need your patio done today.

Patio Installation

We install patios made of masonry, stone, and cement. Our team has the equipment and the experience in installing the type of patio that you want to see. Patios look amazing in your property that give a definition to the outdoors areas of your house. It is a place you can enjoy your evening and afternoon. Summers is the best time to get a patio and if you are looking for a company to install the best patios, we are the one for you. With affordable patio installation you will be making a great investment towards your property. We have an extensive knowledge on patios and know how to construct one according to your wishes. 

Patio Repair

Your patio may need repair if it is damaged with time. Broken or cracked surfaces, potholes, missing stone pieces, faded color are some of the issues your patio surface may have. We can fill the potholes, repair the cracks or loose parts of patio pavement. We can resurface the patio to completely renew it to its original glory. We use high quality material that increases the longevity of your patios. No matter how extensive the patio damage is, we can repair it for you. Give us a call today for patio repair. 

Patio Cleaning

If you have a dirty patio with weeds growing on it, soiled and not looking great at all, it’s time to get it cleaned. We can clean your patios with pressure washing techniques. We can remove the weed and clean the patio to make it look brand new. With effective cleaning you will see bright and organised landscapes that you will fall in love with.

At Thompson Home Service we have been repairing, cleaning and installing outdoor patios for more than 20 years now. As one of the most sought after home service companies, patio construction is one of our specialties. We have the experience of creating some of the best patios for residences. Our custom patios are constructed according to your ideas so you love your patio and want to spend time in it. 

Patio Remodeling

Get a Free Quote Now !

Get a Free Quote Now !

If you still haven’t transformed your outdoor space to a beautiful patio, it is time you do. Whether you want a patio with natural stone or a basic concrete one, we can construct it both. We are meticulous in constructing the patio you have always wanted. We have installed enough patios in our business to know what people are looking for. Give us a call when you need outdoor patio services. 


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