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If you are looking for professional electricians for your home, call us. Thompson Home Service is your local handyman company that provides electricians for the smallest of issues.

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Installation Of Electric Equipment

We can install electric equipment that includes fans, heaters, TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. if you need to install a new plug point or draw a new electric line to a location where you want to install the electric equipment, call us. We have needed tools and the experience in electric appliance installation. From installing the smallest of equipment to the big ones such as the Air conditioning unit, we install everything.


We do outdoor and indoor lighting. Whether you want to change the existing lighting, upgrade your existing lighting or install new lighting, we can help you with all. Lighting is an essential part of your house both practical usage as well as aesthetics. We can help you choose the right type of lights and install them wherever you like. If you have flickering lights or need to upgrade to energy efficient lights in your property talk to our electricians.

Installing Outlets

We are highly dependent on our electronic devices, whether it is our phones, computers or something else. You need to charge almost all portable devices and more devices means more places to have the outlets. If you need an outlet near your kitchen area, your bed or some other place in your house, we can do it. We install the safest outlets so you can stay safe while plugging your devices. No matter where you need to install the new outlets, we can do it for you.

Rewiring Or Fuse

If you have a broken fuse or melted wire, not only is it a fire hazard, it is extremely dangerous for you and your family. We provide safe repair for your burst or leaking wires. We can inspect the electricity lines in your house and repair all the problematic areas. If your wiring is old and melted from inside we can also provide a complete rewiring.

Electric Panel Repair

Call our licenced electrician if you find numerous blown fuses, crackling sounds from the fuse box, the appearance of two-pronged outlets (non-grounded), or outlets that are hot to the touch. We’ll redesign your electrical panel for you. Your electrical system will be updated with a panel upgrade to meet the demands of daily power use in a healthy and efficient manner.


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We are electric repair specialists. Our team is prompt to answer and come to your rescue. If your electric lines, electric appliances, lights, or panels are having issues, call us anytime. We have some of the best people working for us who will give high quality repairs at affordable prices.

No matter what kind of electric repair you need, we have the people for you. We have been helping residences for more than 20 years with quick and effective electric repair. Our electricians are trained and certified professionals who have years of experience in the field.


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