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We provide kitchen, bathroom and all other kinds of renovation and remodeling for your house in Crosby, Texas.

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Other Services We Provide

Electrical Repair In Crosby, Texas

We have electricians working for us who can service all kinds of electrical issues. From installing a new light bulb to fixing an outlet. We can repair even the smallest of electric issues to the biggest ones without a problem.

Plumbing Repair In Crosby, Texas

We also provide plumbing repairs for your Crosby property. Take care of the drainage system, sewer system, water main line, gas pipes, and central heating system. We have licensed plumbers  working for us who know how to fix your plumbing lines.

Exterior Painting In Crosby, Texas

If the exterior paint of your house is fading or peeling off, it is time to get a new painting done. We have expert painters who can professionally paint the exterior of your house. 

Interior Painting In Crosby, Texas

We paint your interior such as the bedroom, living room or any other room of your house.  Our professionals can help you choose the right type of paint for the interior of your house.  With beautifully painted walls you will increase your property value.

Floor Installation In Crosby, Texas

If you need a new floor installation we are the people for you. We install all kinds of floors including hardwood floor, tile floor,  laminate floor, etc.  With quick and efficient floor installation you will completely transform the look of your house.

Sheetrock Repair In Crosby, Texas

 If your sheetrock is damaged, infested with mold, is fading color, old wallpaper, and holes on it, it is time to get it fixed by a professional. We are experts at sheetrock repair and can renovate your sheetrock to perfection.

Outdoor Patios In Crosby, Texas

Patios can enhance the look of your property. Thompson Home Services Can install all kinds of Patios be it stone or concrete.

Concrete Driveways In Crosby, Texas

If you are looking to install a concrete driveway, we can help. Our team has installed thousands of concrete driveways and we know how to do it well.

Concrete Patios In Crosby, Texas

We can also install concrete patios with various designs. Let us know if you need a custom concrete patio installed. 


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We can completely transform the look of your residential kitchen. We can replace the lighting, floor, countertop, cabinets, ceiling and furnishing. With effective remodeling services you will increase your property value. Get custom bathroom remodeling done by professionals. Our experts will discuss the type of bathroom you are looking for and remodel it accordingly. No matter how big or small the bathroom area is, we can remodel it to perfection.


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