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Looking for concrete driveway installation or repair. We are the people you can come to when you need reliable concrete services. We are a licensed and insured home service company.

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Get decorative concrete driveway

 We can install concrete driveway that looks like  mason work, stone driveway, or something more exotic. Concrete can be  stamped with various designs and stained with different colours to give it a more unique look. Coloured concrete can also be used to make decorative concrete drivers for your property. With different levels of staining, you get a driveway that doesn’t look anything like your basic concrete basement, you can give your concrete driveway any design you like. Our skilled professionals know how to use corn treat for your benefit and make the best of it. We have installed thousands of driveways with decorative concrete, let us know if you need concrete driveway installation.

Concrete driveway repair

poor initial installation can cause cracks and potholes on your concrete driveway.  Driving on a poorly constructed or damaged driver can cause accidents, it is also a tripping hazard. If you have guests or anyone walking by trips on your driveway you will be the one in trouble. If you don’t want to be subject to lawsuits or get in an accident it is best to get your damaged concrete driveway repaired by a professional. We can seal the concrete slabs and improve its water drainage and water resistance. We can resurface the driveway if the surface is irregular. We will repair small pothole cracks.  When you repair the crack and seal the joining areas you prevent weed growth and keep your concrete driveway clean. 

Concrete driveway cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain your concrete driveway is to clean it regularly. Professional cleaning can completely transform the look of your concrete driveway. We at Thompson home Services use a pressure washer to clean your concrete driveways and get rid of all the dirt, grease and other nasty stuff that accumulates on it over the years. We also remove weed and treat the driveway for preventing weed growth in the future.

We give you a wide variety of design selection to choose from. If you are looking for durable, easy to maintain and beautiful drivers for your property, come to us. We are dedicated to give you an easy and effective drive with replacement and repair services at affordable prices. We are counted among the best driveway pavers and our customers are highly satisfied with the kind of service we provide. You believe in 100 customer satisfaction and work towards achieving the same 

Concrete Driveway

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When you want a concrete driveway that enhances the landscape of your property, go for Thompson Home Services driveway installation.  We make your property look much more aesthetically appealing with beautiful concrete driveways. We make custom driveways with decorative concrete that are not only affordable but look stunning as well. If you want to replace your old driveway with something more substantial and something that looks better hire us to install your concrete driveways today.


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