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If you want to increase your property value, bathroom remodeling is a must. Old bathrooms that have moldy walls, old bathtub, dirty tile floor, and overall shabby look, it is time to remodel it.

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Changing The Toilet

Every bathroom has a toilet. You want the toilet to not stand out or be a centerpiece. The toilet should look sleek and blend in with the surrounding. We have some wall attached toilet designs that can reduce the space needed for a toilet. This gives more space to move around while not feeling obstructed by the toilet. 


Bathroom floor needs to be waterproof and that is why tile floors are the most preferred floors to have. We can install a tile floor in your bathroom as well as shower areas. If you need to replace or perhaps clean the existing tile floor, we have got you covered. We have some of the best floor experts working for you. These people can install any type of floor you need.


We will take care of the whole plumbing system in your bathroom that includes sewer, drainage and the water line. If your existing plumbing is old and is constantly giving you trouble, quality plumbing during renovation can make your bathroom a much better one than it was before. Our experienced plumbers will install new faucets and shower heads. 


We will install a bathtub for your bathroom. We can help you pick the perfect bathtub for you to use. Depending on what your needs are and the size of your bathroom we have a whole range of bathtub selection that you can choose from. We will install the bathtub in place and do it’s plumbing. If you are looking for an accessibility tub we can install walk-in bathtubs, handles by the side of the bathtub, and anti-slip bathtub bottom. We can install shower head above the bathtub or we could install a separate shower enclosure. 

Shower Enclosure

We install the most beautiful looking shower enclosure for your bathtub. With spacious and beautiful shower enclosures you will increase the utility and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


We make custom cabinets that will fit your bathroom vanity. You can let us know how big you want the cabinet, what color and what all things you intend to store in your bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets will be spacious enough to hold all your toiletries, stock toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and other bathroom products. You can keep your medicines where you can really find them when you have a perfect bathroom cabinet.


Get a Free Quote Now !

Get a Free Quote Now !

At Thompson Home Service we provide affordable bathroom remodeling projects for all sizes of bathroom. We are experts at turning bathrooms. Tell us the kind of aesthetics you are going for, and you have something very specific in mind to talk to our expert. We have planned out a bathroom interior that you approve of. We have expert interior designers who know how to make proper use of every square inch of your bathroom and have enough space for moving around. With a remodeled bathroom you will feel luxurious and relax by taking shower or bath in your bathroom. We have remodeled thousands of bathrooms and know how to transform standard bathrooms into modern ones.


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